Auto Password Generator Tool

In recent years, it is in many cases create an account and password, such as in the SNS and shop member.
In each case, a think the password is troublesome, do not use a simple password?
I also every time feel troublesome, it had been registed with the same password until now.
However, it has security problems.

So I developed the Auto Password Generator Tool.

Check the following requirements, please click the "generate password" button

  • Specify the character that you want to the number of digits and use to create a password at random.
  • You can select from characters, the numbers, lower case and upper case characters.
  • You do not have such experience you forget?
    "0 (zero) or O (alphabet) ?"
    "l (lower case) or I (upper case) ?"
    In order to avoid it, you have the option that does not include the similar characters.